Interview with C.S. Szarek – Author of the Tartan MP3 Player

A World Between

chrissy 007 I don’t do many interviews, it’s not that sorta site, but today I’m honored to have the lovely and talented C.S. Szarek on my blog talking about her latest piece, a highlander time-traveling novella entitled the Tartan MP3 Player.  Seriously, this girl finishes books faster than I finish chapters.

First I want to say, thanks so much for subjecting yourself to my blog of awesome! We’ve actually known each other for a few years now, though I think it was at least a year before you let me see anything you wrote. But for everybody else, why don’t you tell us some of the intimate details of your personal life that don’t involve writing. Examples of this would be a maniacal obsession with Yahtzee or hoarding binders of 80s sitcom trading cards.

Okay, you made me laugh as you often do. Not a shocker there. I am actually pretty boring…

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